best place to exchange currency in chennai

Best Place to exchange currency in Chennai

Prime Forex Private Limited is licensed by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) as Full Fledged Money Changer. the best place to exchange currency in Chennai. Prime Forex offers a whole gamut of Foreign Exchange Services and International Money Transfer Services.

Why buy a prepaid forex travel card?

 Prepaid forex travel cards are just like your debit card with which you can swipe at shops or withdraw regional currency from ATMs while on a foreign trip. Besides getting better exchange rates, there are certain advantages for forex card over currency.

Want to sell foreign currency left with you?

Back home after your foreign trip and have foreign currency left with you? Now you can exchange it to Indian rupee online via You also avail free door pick up of foreign currency or forex card. Be assured to get the best exchange rate. in Primeforex

Looking to send money abroad from india?

Well, with you can send money abroad from India in a jiffy! Be it overseas education fee, medical expenses or tour remittance we can help you save money on every transaction by getting you the best exchange rate available in the market.

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