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Money Exchange Services

Currency Notes

Currency notes are regular paper cash. Carrying large amount Cash is involves Risk, Normally Traveler carry small Amount of Currency Notes for their unplanned Travel Expenses. But, Traveler choose currency as their preferred forex products for their International trips.

Prime Forex deals in the following 33 Foreign Currencies at present

United States Dollar Malaysian Ringgit New Taiwan Dollar
British Pound New Zealand Dollar Vietnam Dong
Euro Chinese yuan Bangladesh Taka
Australian Dollar Hongkong Dollar Qatar Riyal
Canadian Dollar South Korean Won Omani Riyal
Singapore Dollar South African Rand Bahrain Dinar
Swiss Franc Indonesian Rupee Kuwait Dinar
Japanese Yen Mauritius Rupee Swedish Krona
UAE Dirham Srilankan Rupee Danish Krona
Saudi Riyal Russian Ruble Norwegian Krona
Thai Bhat Philippine Peso New Taiwan Dollar

Prepaid Forex Card:

Prepaid travel cards are VISA/ Master Cards similar to credit and debit cards, but with certain additional advantages. You can use prepaid cards at ATMs worldwide to withdraw cash and at most businesses throughout the world. You can load these cards with the desired amount of foreign currency at a fixed rate. Some of the key benefits of prepaid travel cards are as follows:

  • Most recommended and safest form of carrying currency nowadays. Prepaid travel cards are pin protected, have configurable spending limits and are fully replaceable in case lost or stolen.
  • Usually available at better rates than currency notes (cash) and traveler's cheques.
  • Better than credit/ debit cards - With Prepaid Travel cards you avoid paying the 2% to 5% transaction fee (Visa/ MasterCard, Issuing bank fees) that is charged when you use your international debit/ credit card. Also unlike credit, debit cards you aren't susceptible to variable rates as forex loaded on your prepaid card is loaded at a fixed rate.
  • Convenient - can be re-loaded.
  • Always available - unlike foreign cash and traveler's cheques, which are subject to availability, prepaid cards can be loaded with any amount of foreign currency at any time
  • Travel cards (VISA or MasterCard) are accepted at most foreign establishments (hotels, stores etc.) without any charge.
  • Ability to withdraw cash from ATMs abroad.

Prime Forex deals in the following 10 Countries Forex Card at present:

United States Dollar Singapore Dollar
British Pound Swiss Franc
Euro Japanese Yen
Australian Dollar UAE Dirham
Canadian Dollar Saudi Riyal

Traveler's Cheques (TC's)

Traveler's cheques are pre-printed fixed amount cheques that have to be signed twice, once upon delivery and once at the time of use, to encash. Traveler's cheques have been losing popularity and have been mostly replaced with prepaid travel cards. Although safer than currency notes, traveler's cheques are not as safe as pre-paid travel cards and are also not accepted by most foreign establishments. It is therefore recommended to use prepaid travel cards in place of traveler's cheques.

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