We are specialists and focus solely on currency. However we always strive to offer our clients that extra bit more. Over the years we have forged relationships with lots of expert partners who offer complimentary services to ours. PRIME FOREX Exchange can assist with a number of additonal services to go hand in hand with sending your money from (or to) the INDIA. These include:

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Currency notes is most preferred form foreign exchange by the travelers across the globe since it can be used immediately at the destination for your every use in your foreign travel.
We offer you the destination currency to save your conversion cost and we deal with major currencies like US Dollars, GB Pounds, Euro, Australian Dollars, New Zealand Dollars, Singapore Dollars, Malaysian Ringgit, UAE Dirham, Saudi Riyals, Japanese yen, Chinese Yuan, Hong Kong Dollars, Thailand Bhatt, Sri Lankan Rupees, etc.
Customer can sell or buy currency note from us at the best Currency exchange rate in Chennai.

      Traveler’s cheques are issued by American Express and it is also used by traveler for withdrawal of larger amount of foreign exchange and it can be encashed at the destination with Bank, Money Exchange & at select establishments.
Traveler’s Cheques are available in Ten Major currencies like US Dollars, GB Pounds, Euro, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars and Japanese Yen, etc.
Customer can sell or buy Travelers Cheqeus from us at the best Foreign exchange rate in Chennai.

Prepaid forex card is powered by Visa & Master Card platform, which is the most preferred and convenient form of foreign exchange in these modern days, Which is coming under single currency or multiple currency in one card and it can be used at the ATM for cash withdrawal* or directly use it in the Card swipe terminal available at merchant establishment in the destination country any time, make an online transaction, reload the card when exhaust and have more control over net banking facility etc.
We are partnering with HDFC BANK for issuing of the card and which comes in various destination currency like US Dollars, GB Pounds, Euro, Canadian Dollars, Swiss Francs, Australian Dollars, New Zealand Dollars, Singapore Dollars, UAE Dirham, Saudi Riyals, Japanese yen, Thailand Bhatt, Swedish Kroner etc.
Customer can Buy Prepaid forex card from us at the best Money exchange rate in Chennai.

Inward Money Transfer Services

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Receive money from Abroad in minutes

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The fastest way to receive Money Worldwide

[/ultimate_icon_list_item][ultimate_icon_list_item icon=”Defaults-caret-right” icon_color=”#f6a000″]Prime Forex handles remittances sent through,

  • 1.Western Union Money Transfer
  • 2.Moneygram
  • 3.Xpress Money
  • 4.Trans Fast


The person you are sending money to, will receive it just minutes after you have sent it to any of our locations. Each transaction is protected by  Money Transfer Service Provider, World class security systems and is electronically remitted thus ensuring that the money is paid out immediately and to the Right recipient in India.

The sender goes to any Money Transfer Service Proivder location, deposits the money he/she wishes to send, fills up To Send Money Form pays the charges and receives a code called as MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) .The MTCN is communicated to the Receiver in India who in turns can visit any of our  Location with a Valid Photo –Identification.                          One customer can receive up to 30 transactions in the year for the family maintenance and personal use only and this service can not be used for commercial payment. Further up to 49999/- can be taken in form of Cash and in excess of that it can be taken only in the form account payee cheque/NEFT. In the case of foreign nationals the limitation is extended upto USD 2500/- for cash payout.

Money Transfer through Western Union, Moneygram, xpress Money and Trans Fast is totally legal and authorized by Reserve Bank of India.

Outward Money Transfers Services: (Send money from INDIA)*

Customer can send money from India using swift transfer service in chennai directly to the beneficiary bank account under the Liberalised Remittance Scheme for the purpose of Family Maintenance of close relatives, Overseas Education, Medical Treatment in abroad, Film Shouting in aboard, Gift, Remittance of Hotel & Tours payment to Travel agents in abroad, Employment, Immigration & Visa Fess etc.
*We are partnered with various authorised dealers and bank for this service and we assure that our exchange rate and transaction fees are the best in the city.